What is TappCar?

TappCar is a new Edmonton-based ridesharing company. Born out of frustration towards traditional taxis and companies like Uber, and as a response to the evolving landscape of the personal transportation industry, our mission is to give customers and drivers a reliable and fair alternative to the current status quo. Our belief is that when our drivers win, we all win, and as such they are properly insured and taken care of, leaving customers with a higher quality of service and a safer ride. Being a local company, we pay into the systems and infrastructure that we use on a daily basis.  We are proudly Albertan, and proudly Canadian!

Who owns TappCar?

The majority of TappCar is owned by co-founders Jonathon Wescott and Shayne Saskiw. Both have extensive business and political backgrounds in Alberta and beyond. The rest of the company is owned by local investors (no taxi brokers) and employees.

What are the requirements for joining TappCar as a driver?


  • Be over 25 years old,
  • Have a valid Class 4 Driver’s License,
  • Have a Driver’s Abstract dating back 5 years with no more than 7 demerits,
  • Have a clean criminal record check dating back at least 7 years,
  • Have or be willing to procure a vehicle that is newer than 10 years old,
  • Have an Annual Mechanical Inspection on your vehicle.  

Visit the Edmonton office at #301  10080 Jasper Ave or Call 587-745-0378  Monday to Friday.                                              


Thanks for your interest to become a driver for TappCar Winnipeg. Following are the basic requirements:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Valid Manitoba Driver’s License
  • Vehicle newer than 10 years
  • A Clear Police Criminal Record Check with Vulnerable Sector check
  • Driver abstract obtained within 90 days of registration
  • Child abuse registration certificate. (Can be provided within 90 days)
  •    Vehicle for hire insurance (if you buy all time bands, TappCar will   reimburse the cost  for two time bands, this offer is for limited time) 
  •        Copy of the vehicle registration.
  •     Vehicle Safety inspection from any approved Licensed mechanic.
  •     Banking information or Void Cheque for your pay deposits.
  •      Get the personal business GST number online.


Scan and Email these documents at: marnie@tappcar.com  or tasleem@tappcar.com

Office Address: Unit # J, 1079 Wellington Ave., Winnipeg.  

Office Hours.:  Wednesdays to Fridays:  9am to 5pm

          Saturdays: 10am to 3pm.          Sunday – Tuesday: Closed

Enquiries;  Phone No.: 1-204-202-3025

Fill in the application at the office, Submit all the documents required, get the Tapp driver app training and you are ready to work anytime.

Our office can assist you with insurance requirements.

We are new, local and proud to provide a new standard of rideshare service for Winnipeg that is convenient, reliable and safe. TappCar offers an industry-leading mobile app. Vehicles are guaranteed to be of comfortable size and quality. Drivers are properly insured and professionally licensed ensuring every ride is safe. If the driver gets all 4 time bands for insurance, then ready to work anytime of the day or week.


TAPPCAR CALGARY REQUIREMENTS:                                          

Please send the copies of the following documents to register with TappCar:

  1. Alberta Driver licence class 4,2 or 1.
  2. Driver Abstract with no more 7 demerit points.
  3. Proof of Status to legally work in Canada like Canadian citizen card, permanent resident’s card, work permit or Canadian Passport.
  4. Vehicle registration of a vehicle no older than 10 years and with the Class: 1 and Type of operation: Livery and commercial plate on it.
  5. Please bring an Automobile Insurance copy of the ‘Rideshare Insurance’ which shows the details of the insurance with business kilometers.
  6. Calgary police service criminal background check, with a vulnerable sector check.
  7. Copy of the Mechanical inspection as required by the city livery office.

TappCar offers the customer coverage with its SPF 9 policy as required by the Alberta Govt.

City Livery office may already have the copy of police clearance and vehicle inspection for the drivers who are already driving for Uber or other rideshare companies.

Drivers don’t have to pay license fees at the livery office once we activate them. We also permit the drivers to drive for any other Rideshare company like Uber. Any other questions please email: drivers@tappcar.com or call our office Monday to Friday between 8.30 am to 4 pm.  Phone: 1-587-745-0378.


How does TappCar treat its drivers?

In short: very well! We have found this to be one of the biggest issues with the current taxi industry, training in smartphone use and customer satisfaction, 100% of their tips, and many in and out-of-car safety features.

How do I resolve complaints with TappCar?

We have customer service representatives available 24/7 for any issues that might arise. Email us at support@tappcar.com, or call us at 780-222-5555 and we will sort it out for you ASAP! Office phone number Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4pm: 1-587-745-0378

How do I get an estimate for the cost of my trip?

After you enter your pick-up location, press “Book NOW”. This will take you to a screen where at the bottom you will see payment selection, trip estimate, and promo code buttons. Next, enter your destination and after that press the trip estimate button.

Why are there two charges on my bank statement after taking a TappCar?

Tappcar uses pre-auth charges to ensure that a credit card is valid when a trip is booked. These are not taken from your account, but merely held for 1-5 business days (depending on your financial institution).

If you encounter any issues with these pre-auths, the first step should be to contact your financial institution. We are also happy to answer any inquiries, but due to the varying requirements between banks, they should be your first point of contact.

What happens if I cancel or don't show up for my ride?

If you cancel your trip after the driver has begun to travel to you, or if you do not show up once the driver arrives, your stored credit card will be charged a no show fee, usually in the $4 range. This is because our drivers incur costs every time they leave to pick up a passenger. Fuel, time and mileage are all factors in this. 

If you have any problems with a cancellation or no-show charge, please let us know and we will happily review the trip. 

How do I rate my driver?

After the trip and payment have concluded, a screen will appear in the passenger’s app with a thumbs-up and thumbs-down, along with a field to enter comments. 

What happens if I forget an item in a TappCar?

Our policy towards lost and found items is straightforward. If the driver notices the item, or is contacted by us and finds the item in their car, they are to bring it to one of our local offices. We will then contact the passenger and offer a TappCar delivery (at our normal rate) or the passenger can pick it up from the office.