TappCar Insurance

The safety of our drivers and customers is paramount to TappCar. For this reason, we have worked with industry leaders to provide one of the most comprehensive insurance policies on the market for our drivers and riders. Ride and drive with your mind at ease.

In Alberta: As a Transport Network Company(TNC), TappCar provides coverage to its customers under SPF9 policy from the point driver is on the way to pick up a dispatched trip on the app and until the customer's exit from the car after a completed fare. Tappcar drivers will still get their insurance policies and ask their insurance brokers/agents to provide them with a 'Rideshare policy' (SPF1) and will let them know that the policyholder /TappCar driver will be providing services as a transport network driver.


Alberta SPF9 TNC Insurance Information Form


Name of insured: TappCar Inc.

Name of insured driver:   ………………………………………..

Name of insurer: Northbridge General Insurance Corporation


Insurer Alberta address: 220- 12th Avenue SW

                                             Suite 525, Calgary, AB

                                              T2R 0E9


Policy#: CBC 1945152      

Effective date: March 1,2019

Expiration date: April 1,2020    


Authorized vehicle year, make, model: --------------------

 VIN: -------------------------------------------------

To report a claim directly to the insurer by phone: 1-855-621-6262     


In Manitoba: All the TappCar drivers are required to get the Passenger Vehicle for hire (VFH) insurance coverage as required by Manitoba Public Insurance(MPI) and it also includes the coverage for TappCar customers.